Welcome to CUAC

The Cambridge University Athletics Club is the world's oldest athletics club. For over 100 years, training with CUAC has been a vital part of studying at such an academically rigorous university as Cambridge. This continues today, as the CUAC family welcomes and supports its members to become the very best athletes they can be, in a friendly and lively community. CUAC is one of the University's largest sporting societies, and we pride ourselves on the diversity of athletes who constitute the club.

Athletics is a sport that truly captures what it means to do your best. Our mission at CUAC is to create an inclusive environment in which each athlete, regardless of their standard, can flourish. Whether you have been doing Track and Field since before you can remember, or are a complete novice keen to try something new, there is a place for you in CUAC.

United by the burning desire to defeat O*ford, CUAC places great value on team spirit, and this is something that has differentiated us over the years. It is this team spirit which means the relationships you make through CUAC last many years.

CUAC is about getting involved, training hard, doing your best, and bringing that best together with others to be the strongest team we can be.

We hope you will join us.

Daisy Irving-Hyman
President, Cambridge University Athletics Club 2017-2018
St John's College, University of Cambridge

How we train..?

Here at CUAC, we train in event-based squads. Each squad has their own student squad-leader, and their own training schedule. Coaches provide the training plans for each term, offer gym guidance, and advise athletes on their own individual development. Take a look at the squad pages to find out more about each squad works, what the training is like, and how you can get in contact with a squad leader to find out more about trying out a specific event.

Meet the committee and squad leaders here.

In it for the long run?

Cambridge University Hare and Hounds (CUH&H, or more affectionately, ‘The Haries’) is the University cross-country running club, catering to the needs of those who like to run just that little bit further. The Haries can compete in a wide range of long-distance races, from fell-running to marathons.

CUAC considers CUH&H as a brother/sister club, with both clubs working to maintain a strong relationship. In the Spring and Summer, a number of Haries turn their training focus towards the track, and compete under CUAC at both the indoor and outdoor Varsity Matches.