The Club shall be called The Cambridge University Athletic Club


The object of the club shall be the promotion of amateur athletics among its members.


a) Full membership of the C.U.A.C. shall be limited to matriculated members of the University. b) Associate Membership shall be open to alumni, non-matriculated members of the University or of University associated establishments, at the discretion of the President (e.g. those at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Moller Centre, BAS etc). c) On payment to the Junior Treasurer of a seasonal or terminal fee of such amount as shall have been fixed by the Committee, any member of the University may become a member of the C.U.A.C. and entitled to the use of the C.U.A.C. facilities at Wilberforce Road for the duration of the fee paid.


a) Anyone who has held the office of President or Hon. Secretary of the C.U.A.C., after having completed his/her residence at the University, shall be a life member. b) The Committee shall have the power to elect life members of the C. U.A. C. c) Save as herein provided, life members shall not be entitled to vote at General meetings of the Club.


The following shall be the Officers of the Club, elected at The Annual General Meeting and holding office until the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting: a) The Senior Treasurer, who must be a Senior Member of Cambridge University of not less than three years’ standing. b) Two or more Trustees, each of whom must be a Senior Member of Cambridge University of not less than three years standing. c) The President, the Honorary Secretary, the Junior Treasurer, the Men's and/or Women's Captain (see paragraphs 9d & e), the Alligators' Captain and the Alverstones’ Captain, each of whom shall be eligible for the Varsity Sports. d) Should a vacancy of officers elected under 5c occur between the Annual General Meeting and the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting a Special General Meeting shall be called (notice of one week to be given) at which an election shall be held. Normal voting rules, as laid out in paragraph 9, are to apply.


a) The Committee shall consist of the Officers of the Club (except the Trustees) and other members. The Captain of the Cambridge University Hare & Hounds or a representative shall be a member. b) Committee Members shall be co-opted by the elected Officers after the AGM in the Easter Term and shall hold the office until they resign, become ineligible to be members of the Club, their successors are appointed, or they are removed from office under the provisions outlined in 9k. c) It shall be the duty of the Honorary Secretary to summon all meetings of the Committee and at any such meeting two thirds of the total number of members shall form a quorum.


a) The management of all University Athletic Sports shall be in the hands of the Committee. b) The selection of teams and awarding of Blues and Half-Blues shall be undertaken by the respective Men's / Women's Captain in consultation with the President who alone shall have overall authority for the final decision. c) The Committee shall have the power to expel any member whose subscription is six months in arrears, provided a month's notice in writing shall have been sent to such a member by a registered letter, addressed to his last known address, informing him of the proposed action of the committee. d) The Committee shall have the power to decide in all cases as to the interpretation of these rules.


a) The Annual General Meeting of the C.U.A.C. shall be held after, but in the same term as, the Varsity Sports. b) The Honorary Secretary shall give 7 clear days notice of General Meetings. Such notice shall be sent to all resident members who are entitled to attend. c) All full members of the club shall be entitled to attend and vote at General Meetings. d) At the request of at least ten members of the Club or the Trustees, the Honorary Secretary shall summon a special general meeting. e) The President shall have the power to summon a special general meeting. f) At least 48 hours notice shall be given of any special general meeting and the notice shall state the business to be transacted thereat. g) At the Annual General Meeting, the retiring President shall invite one of the Trustees to take the Chair. In the absence of the Trustees, the Senior Treasurer or retiring President will act as Chairman. In the event the retiring President is standing for an elected position in the AGM, the chair shall pass to the retiring Honorary Secretary. If the Honorary Secretary is also standing for an elected position, the chair shall pass to another member of the Committee not standing for an elected position, as designated by the retiring President. h) At the AGM, the Senior Treasurer shall present the Club accounts and Auditors for the ensuing year shall be appointed.


a) Nominations for officer positions, proposed and seconded by a full member of the club, shall be presented to the Hon. Secretary before midnight of the day following the ‘Varsity Sports’. No late nominations will be allowed. b) The Honorary Secretary shall publish the nominations for elected positions not less than 24 hours before the AGM. c) The order of the elections shall be Senior Treasurer, Trustees, President, Men's Captain (if necessary, see paragraph 9g), Women's Captain (if necessary, see paragraph 9g), Honorary Secretary, Junior Treasurer, Alverstones’ Captain, Alligators' Captain. Elections shall not proceed to the next position until the prior election has occurred or it has been determined that the post cannot be filled without re-opening nominations. d) Voting shall be by single secret transferable vote. Voting by e-mail shall be permitted if an individual is unable to attend the AGM in person. Ballot papers may be requested from the Hon. Secretary following the announcement of candidates, and must be returned to the Hon. Secretary by e-mail a minimum of two hours before the scheduled start of the meeting. The Hon. Secretary will ensure the confidentiality of e-mail votes, and will only divulge them to the Chair of the AGM, retiring President, Senior Treasurer or Trustees as necessary for the conduct of elections. e) In the event of a tie, there shall be a revote at that time. If a tie remains following the revote, nominations will be reopened and an SGM will be held for the purposes of conducting another election at the earliest reasonable date. f) If a nomination for a post has not been received, or the position is unfilled following the election, (nominations will be accepted from the floor if proposed and seconded. At no other time will oral nominations be accepted.) an election will be held at a Special General Meeting at the earliest reasonable date. g) It will be assumed that a nomination for President is also a nomination for solely Men's/Women's Captain in the event that a candidate is unsuccessful in the election for President. Such candidates may verbally opt out of this election following the Presidential election. h) Those standing for the offices of President, Men's/Women's Captain and any other contested position, will be permitted to make a short speech. Speeches shall be made in alphabetical order according to surname. Speeches shall be made consecutively, and may be followed by questions from the floor. Candidates are also permitted to ask questions. All questions are at the discretion of the Chair. i) Any elected member of the committee may be removed from a position by way of a two-thirds majority vote of members present at a General Meeting.


a) All monies received on behalf of the Club shall be paid to the Senior Treasurer and be lodged by him in a banking account in the name of the Club. b) The Club funds shall comprise General Funds and Investment Funds which shall be invested in the joint names of the Senior Treasurer and the Trustees. They shall either retain the investments as at present invested or at their discretion sell the same and invest proceeds in investments authorised by law for the investment of trust moneys with power from time to time to vary or transpose such investments for or into other investments of a like nature and they shall stand possessed thereof and of the dividends and income thereof upon the trusts stated in the next succeeding rule. c) The General funds of the Club mentioned (b) above and the dividends and income thereof and also all moneys from time to time in the hands of the Senior Treasurer or any part of such funds or income may be paid and otherwise applied with the consent and under the direction of the Committee. i) Paying the expenses of the Club including expenses in connection with the Wilberforce Road Sports' Centre. ii) Making such other payments as the Committee shall consider to further the objects of the Club as defined in Rule 2. d) The Investment Funds (but not any interest or dividend thereon, which shall become General Funds) shall be disposed to further the objects of the Club as defined in Rule 2 at the discretion of the trustees. e) The Senior Treasurer shall be responsible for the finance of the Club and shall present his accounts annually for audit by the auditors duly appointed, before the meeting in the Michaelmas Term.


a) The Club Colours shall be: i.) A light blue singlet with black trim. ii) A pair of black running shorts. b) The Blues teams' kit for the 'Varsity Match shall be: i) A white running singlet with a wreath interwoven on the front and the letters C.U.A.C. in old English underneath; all in Cambridge blue. ii) A pair of white running shorts. c) All Blues of the Club shall be entitled to wear: i) A Cambridge Blue Flannel Blazer with a wreath and the letters C.U.A.C. in Old English under the wreath, all embroidered in white on the pocket. ii) A white wool Sweater with Cambridge Blue wool trimming at the neck and waist. A small wreath on the front with the letters C.U.A.C. underneath in Cambridge Blue wool cross stitch. iii) A Cambridge Blue Flannel Scarf. d) All Half-Blues of the Club shall be entitled to wear all of the above, in half-blue colours, i.e. Cambridge Blue modified by white stripes.


a) Full members will be eligible for the 'Varsity Match' in accordance with Blues committee rules and the Achilles Club Standing Orders. Full members will also be eligible to compete in all other matches. b) Associate members will be eligible to compete in all fixtures save where their status renders them ineligible according to competition rules.


The Club shall be responsible for organising Inter-collegiate Athletics events. These must include Inter-college Cuppers, and may also include CUAC Sports, Inter-college Relays and Inter-college Field Events matches.

a) The Club shall ensure that there is an athletics representative in each college. b) Each College shall provide judges as required by notification.


Any alteration of these rules must obtain the sanction of the Committee before being submitted to the approval of a General meeting. Any new rule or change of rule proposed by the committee shall not become valid unless approved by a two-thirds majority at a General meeting. Trustees and life members shall be entitled to vote on resolutions involving a new rule of amendment or revocation of an existing rule.

Draft VI, 20 June 2018