England Athletics

CUAC is an affiliated club with England Athletics. All our CUAC (or OUAC) organised competition results are uploaded to Power of 10.

Due to the fact that a significant number of our athletes are registered with another club, we do not register individual athletes with England Athletics as a default.

IMPORTANT: You do NOT need to be a registered athlete with England Athletics in order to compete in our competitions, or in any ‘open matches’. The only competition in which you compete for CUAC where you need to be registered with EA is BUCS.

However, we do recommend joining an alternative first-claim club (a ‘home’ club) so that you have somewhere to train when/if you go home during the holidays. It also means you can compete in UKA league competitions. Annual registration incurs a small fee of £14 (going up to £15 for the season 2018-2019).

If you would like guidance on what to do, please contact our Mens’ or Womens’ captains, or our Junior Treasurer.