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Athletics, like most sports, requires specialist equipment. The most notable piece of equipment is spikes, which come in many different varieties depending on your Track and Field discipline. Choosing spikes is like choosing trainers; you need to research and try them on yourself. You should ask your coach and/or squad leader for guidance on what to look for, if you are unsure.

Other common pieces of equipment are running clothing, trainers, foam rollers and massage balls.

There are many different types of these, and the best research is speaking to fellow athletes, coahces and of coure, trying things out yourself.

If you can, we strongly recommend you purchase a foam roller. They are inexpensive and, when used regularly, help you to loosen off those tight muscles post-training, thereby preventing injury!

Shopping Online:

For Shoes and Clothes:


“The web’s widest choice of sports and outdoor shoes.”


Possibly the BEST online retailer or athletics footwear in the UK. You can find anything from the latest sprint spike to a £5 pair of steeplechase spikes! If the spike model is found in this country, Bourne Sports should stock it. Delivery is reliable, and postage is not normally charged on spikes.


Based in London, this shop is a little more expensive than its rivals, but worth a visit, with a great range of track, field and cross-country spikes, fell shoes and of course trainers. The clothing section is also fantastically stocked with many up and coming brands.


This site is good value for money. Take a look at the large sale section and find some good deals for up to 80% off.

For Track and Field Equipment:


For multi-eventers and specialists, Neuff are the leading importer of athletics hardware in the UK (and around the world). Their website is extensive, providing anything from javelin heel-cups to pole vault poles.

Physical Stores around Cambridge:

The Sweat Shop


It’s a bit of a trek to get there, but worth it. They offer free video gait analysis, so you can get advice on the best shoes for your individual running style, and you do not need to book in advance.

David Lloyd Leisure

21/25 Coldham Lane

Business Park

Norman Way



Tel: 0844 3325635

Advance Performance


They also offer video gait analysis, so you can choose a shoe that will offer you the best support to avoid injuries. No need to book in advance, and the service is free as long as you end up buying a pair of shoes:

Gusto Mills

Huntingdon Road



United Kingdom

Tel: 01223 279191