To claim expenses for travel to and from competitions, and for competition entry, please fill out the form below and email it along with screenshots of any receipts you have to Khadisha Arip at

Claims Form 2018 19

CUAC Reimbursement and Subsidies Policy - November 2018


CUAC will, upon application, reimburse (or cover) members for entry and transport for up to 2 indoor and 2 outdoor competitions, selected from the lists below: 


Cambridgeshire County Championships  

SESSA Championships (outdoor)

SEAA Championships (outdoor) 

BUCS (outdoors) 


SEAA Championships (indoor) 

BUCS (indoors) 

Northern Athletics Championships (indoor)

Eastern Counties Championships (indoor)

Birmingham Indoor Games

Lee Valley Indoor Open Competitions

London Indoor Games

 For each of the above competitions you must compete for CUAC and wear the official CUAC vest. 

Athletes who compete in discus, hammer or javelin which do not have indoor events, may claim for travel expenses for an additional two outdoor events if they have not competed in any indoor competitions, up to a cost of £20 per athlete per event.

If the match is a club fixture (i.e CUAC is competing as a club) without club transport, requests for travel expenses can be made to the Junior Treasurer, also informing the Honorary Secretary. Such expenses must be approved in advance. 

They may include transport by car on the understanding that multiple CUAC athletes travel.

Payment will not be made for an amount a) anything above actual costs, or b) greater than the cheapest mode of transport (i.e. if a train ticket is £10 and there is no lower fare on any other transport, £10 per person will be reimbursed, regardless of the mode of travel), nor. CUAC will reimburse the cheaper of the two options outlined below: 1. Mileage claims at a rate 25p/mile, ideally we would like a full car of athletes. 2. Rail fare to and from the competition, travelling via the cheapest method possible (i.e. off-peak, on an appropriate railcard). For car mileage, Google Maps is to be used to calculate the route from Cambridge to the destination.

Online membership forms must have been completed and membership fees must have been paid to make you eligible to compete for CUAC. If you need to withdraw from an event due to injury, please let your captain/s know immediately. Failure to attend an event usually results in the club being issued a fine. Such fines, or those issued as a result of poor athlete behaviour will be passed directly to the athlete concerned. 

For more information or to make a request, please contact the Honorary Secretary in the first instance. 

Failure to compete

In the event that an athlete fails to compete at a competition for which their entry has been paid, they will be required to reimburse CUAC for the cost of entry. 

In the case of injury, sickness, or family emergencies, athletes are exempt from this requirement to reimburse CUAC.


CUAC has a small portion of the budget set aside to assist athletes with physiotherapy costs. CUAC currently subsidises the cost of a physiotherapy appointment, such that the member is only required to pay £10 per half-hour appointment.

Appointments with student physiotherapist trainees will be free of charge.

Indoor Training 

Where additional indoor sessions are required by an event group, the club will endeavour to pay transport costs (but not the training costs) of such trips. 

Interested squad leaders and athletes should contact the President prior to arranging such sessions, and such travel must be approved by the President and Junior Treasurer in advance.