Prospective Students

If you are thinking of applying to Cambridge and would like to know more about CUAC, please fill in the form below. As the 3rd largest sports club in Cambridge, we have athletes from a wide range of colleges and subjects, so we can easily put you in touch with a subject buddy (namely, someone studying the same subject as the one you want to study at Cambridge) and/or a college buddy (someone at the college you want to apply to). We hope that you will find it useful to speak to someone within CUAC who has a similar application history as you to learn more about the application process and what athletics is really like at Cambridge.

Things I wished I knew before I came to Cambridge - from an athlete's perspective

What's the best college to apply to if I want to do athletics?

Any of them! Almost all colleges have athletes from CUAC, and since the way we train and compete in athletics is mainly on a university-wide level (as opposed to rowing, for example, where most athletes will train with their college team and compete against other colleges), which college you go to really doesn't matter.

Of course, there are colleges that are closer to the track (located at Wilberforce Road Sports Ground). For example, first year accommodation at Clare is only a five minute cycle away. However, we have a high turnout of athletes from the colleges further away, and there is no consistent pattern in where our athletes live. Who knows, maybe a slightly longer cycle ride builds better athletes?

Some other things that might be worth considering are the college gym facilities. That said, if the facilities aren’t great, the gym at the University Sports centre is new and well-equipped, so you really won’t be at a disadvantage

Rest assured that you will be involved and included in the club regardless of your college. In fact, doing athletics is one of the best ways to get to know people across colleges, and year levels, so choose whichever college you like!

Are there some colleges that are more likely to accept me if I’m ‘sporty’, or colleges that look more highly upon sports in the application process?

From experience, we would say that it is not worth second guessing which college to apply for based on over-thinking the admissions statistics and supposed extracurricular preferences. Just be yourself. Let the fact that you are interested in sport shine through in your application, but don't worry too much about which college has a 'sportier' reputation or is meant to be ‘better’ for your subject.

Do get in touch, however, if you'd like to find out more about what a particular college is like as we can easily and very quickly put you in contact with an athlete that currently goes to that college so that you can get an insider's perspective on studying there.

I currently do athletics with my home club. How would it work me being a part of both clubs?

You could keep your home club as your first-claim club (which we highly recommend), and CUAC would be your second-claim. Of course, you can compete and train with both.

The England Athletics fee for individual athlete registration would not be paid again, since you would have already paid it with your home club. When you become part of CUAC, you would need to pay our subscription (membership) fees, and this is what sustains the running of the club. You would get access to high-quality coaching, our track facilities at Wilberforce Road, as well as strength & conditioning facilities at the University Sports Centre. We also cover the travel to our major competitions throughout the year, and subsidise other bits and pieces such as competition entry, other travel and physio along the way.

Can you give me advice on my Cambridge application?

As a student-run organisation, we cannot offer formal/official advice on the application process. However, the university website has lots of useful information about applying to Cambridge, so head over there first.

If you have any questions, or would like further insight into the information from a current student's perspective, feel free to get in touch with us. We would be more than happy to share with you our own experiences, but of course please note that we can only offer advice relative to what we have seen and heard and are not able to offer formal interview training/preparation.

I want to do multiple sports during my time at Cambridge. Is this possible?

Athletics is an excellent sport for developing the foundational strength, speed and skill needed to help you success in many other sports. CUAC have several members who participate in multiple sports across the university. If playing sport at Cambridge sounds like something you'd be interested in, and you'd like to find out more about the university wide facilities and sports available, have a look at the Sport @ Cambridge website.

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