CUAC has a fantastic reputation as an awesome social scene. Highlights of the CUAC calendar include the ludicrously fun Alverstone’s Cocktails, CUAC Christmas Dinner, Annual Dinner, Warm-Weather Training (usually in Tenerife), Varsity Dinner and various garden parties throughout Easter Term and May Week.

On top of all this, we have regular, weekly socials for the Alverstones (men) and Alligators (women) - often in collaboration with teams from various sports across the uni.


Named after the Right Honourable Viscount Alverstone, who was himself a CUAC steeplechaser in the 1860s, the Alverstones is the name given to the men of CUAC. The social club has existed in its current form for just under a decade since the first Alverstone’s Cocktails: a celebration ran and funded by alumni to welcome new members to the club in Michaelmas term. The Alverstones often sport a silver tie with blue stripes but they are most easily identified by their wholesome team spirit and creativity.



Fierce as they may be in competition, this particular breed of Alligator is known for her good nature, owing to the supportive environment which is their natural habitat. Along with their trusty companion the “seal of approval”, the women of CUAC endeavour to spread joy wheresoe’er they may go.


You can be part of the fun too!


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