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VFEAR Report 2020

Varsity for Field Events and Relays




29 February 2020


VFEAR was the last match in which Oxford and Cambridge were able to compete against each other this year, and what a match it was! One of the first events to take place, Discus set the tone for the rest of the events of the day. Bridget Fryer, followed by Cara James at Rachel Elwood, all threw further than any Oxford thrower, achieving a cumulative throw of 126.57m against 101.61m. For the women’s throws, next came the hammer, a much more tense event; victory relied on Emily Baker-Thurston’s final two throws after many caged previous attempts. But the pressure did not get to her, and clear domination of light blue was seen again. For Shot Putt, with a soaring 10m73 lead, Cara James brought the very clear victory to the womens’ team, which included our beloved ex captain Maxine Meju, making a return to guarantee the field victory. Next came comfortable victories in the Pole Vault and Long Jump. with key players Jen Sheasby and Mary Adenji leading the field. The Pole Vault was especially notable, as every single Cambridge vaulter jumped higher than any Oxford athlete!

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