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CUAC is a club for athletes of all abilities - from complete beginners to international competitors.

If you want to help us defeat Oxford, or just fancy unwinding after a hard day of work,  sign up below to join the club mailing list and keep up to date.


We invite anyone who is interested in joining CUAC to try out training with the club for a week, before committing to signing up as a member.


Among other benefits, club membership will give you access to training, coaching and club socials, allow you to compete for the University, access subsidised physio sessions, and enable you to buy cool stash at members’ rates.

Memberships Options:



2 Term (Lent & Easter)


Easter Term


Partial for CUH&H**


* To help distribute the cost, any member paying the annual membership can pay instalments of £40 per term. This applies to the annual membership only.

** For members of the Cambridge University Hare & Hounds cross country club.

Bear in mind that CUAC is a university sports club: if you compete (even in ‘entry level’ competitions), you represent the University. This means you can most likely claim the membership fees back from your college! Contact Leonie, the Hon. Sec. (lmb219) with any questions.

If you receive a Cambridge bursary, you are eligible to pay a reduced membership rate (£75) if you submit a confirmation to our junior treasurer (acgk2).

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